Faster, Further, Shallower, and More Fun

The patented Texas Power Paddle© propulsion system comes with everything you need to transform your Kayak into an electric assisted workhorse. The full system includes the waterproof case with drive control system, a handheld proportional throttle control, and the propulsion system that is compatible with your kayak.


No Other Kayak Propulsion System Does This Much

Get to where the fish are

Between your leg power, your Texas Power Paddle, and the ability to easily launch into and access shallow water, you’ll be unstoppable.

Born in Austin Texas

Damon Borich is an avid outdoorsmen, inventor and kayak fisherman. After many trips down Texas lakes, rivers and the coast to kayak fish where he was battling wind, tide, current and the Texas sun he decided there had to be a better way to enjoy the sport with his wife and kids and friends. That’s when he began inventing the Texas Power Paddle to provide “paddle assistance”, much like an electric bike pedal assist mechanism, to a wide variety of kayaks. Whether you utilize the power paddle for a relaxing kayak site seeing trip with your spouse or for getting out further on large lakes, bays, and coastal hotspots the Texas Power Paddle will give you the confidence to push a little further and get to where the action is.